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Accu-Roll Inc. is a machine shop that manufactures CNC swiss-turned shafts, pins, rubber rolls, and rubber roll assemblies. We have established relationships because of our dedication to quality and consistency in the parts that our customers require.

We specialize in providing the United States, Canada, and Mexico with custom precision swiss screw machined components from our facility in Rochester, NY. We also specialize in reverse engineering and prototypes

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History of Accu-Roll Inc.

Accu-Roll was incorporated in 1982 by Fred Lindenberg and Wayne Brooks. We started as a service company providing precision grinding of rubber rolls and rubber roll assemblies for companies in Rochester, NY.

In 1986, we purchased our first CNC swiss screw machine. We then began producing shafts, pins, cores, and bushings for local companies.

Our company is now in its second generation. In 2014, Aaron Lindenberg took over as President and CEO, successfully taking the reins from his father. Today we have five CNC machines and a facility full of support equipment to fulfill our client’s requirements. We currently work with 40 different US companies and several international ones. We have built relationships for more than 20 years with several clients.

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Accu-Roll Inc.

27 Lois St. #2

Rochester, NY 14606

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